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Next Meeting

Accidents Deconstructed
Dr. Ken Orloff on April 5th
Potluck Dinner: The McGowan’s Hangar at 6:00 PM

Ken and his wife Lynne (the “Pres”) are permanent residents at Pine Mountain Lake. Ken has been a full-time
resident here since 1986. They live on the north taxiway loop, along with their three horses, three cats, one dog,
four chickens, a rooster, and, by the way, their airplanes – a Ryan PT-22, a V-35B Bonanza, and a Lancair IV-P
that was a ten-year project that first flew in 2002. Also, to hopefully break out of it shell and fly soon is Ken’s
Marquart Charger biplane project that he has been building since – well, let’s just say it feels like forever.
Ken has a B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd, an M.A. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aeronautical
Engineering from UC Santa Barbara. He is a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and holds FAA
Inspection Authorization. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, a CFI for airplanes and helicopters, and a
CFII for airplanes. Since his first flight as a student pilot in 1964, Ken has accumulated in excess of 8000 hours of
flight time.

Ken Orloff
Ken’s business, Orloff Consulting, has been providing aviation accident consulting services to both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation for more than 25 years. Since 1981, every few years, Ken has been the PMLAA monthly speaker, telling us about his aircraft accident investigations and courtroom experiences as an aviation accident
expert witness. Using multi-media graphics, computer simulations and animations to simplify complex subjects, Ken has presented his opinions in courtrooms around the world.

In the past several presentations, Ken has given overviews of a number of his cases, but this time he will present only two, so as to go into more detail. The first is the case involving a Lancair Columbia 400 that crashed at the Portland International Airport, and the second is the case of a Robinson R-44 helicopter that crashed at an
airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ken will present the evidence for the accidents and his reconstruction of the sequence of events. As he goes through the details of the accidents, all of us in the audience can try to sort it all out and decide what happened; he will then tell us how each case turned out.

2014 calendar

  • March 25th: Family Wellness Faire at the Tenaya School gym (Soroptimist)
  • April 5th: PMLAA Potluck Dinner and Meeting
  • April 6th: Chinese Auction & Dinner fundraiser at the PML Grill (Soroptimist)
  • April 19th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • April 20th: Easter Sunday
  • May 3rd: Chamber Flea Market at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • May 3rd: PMLAA Potluck Dinner and Meeting
  • May 17th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • May 17th, 2014 - STCHS Wine Tasting Cruise on the lake
  • May 26th: Memorial Day
  • June 7th: Chamber Flea Market at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • June 7th: PMLAA Potluck Dinner and Meeting
  • June 8th: Where the Hell is Groveland Car Show at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • June 14th: Columbia Airport Day and Father's Day Fly-In
  • June 21th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • July 4th: Independence Day
  • July 5th: Chamber Flea Market at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • July 19th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • July 28th to August 3rd: EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh
  • August 2nd: Chamber Flea Market at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • August 9th: PMLAA Block Party
  • August 16th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • September 1st: Labor Day
  • September 6th: Chamber Flea Market at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • September 6th: PMLAA Potluck Dinner and Meeting
  • September 20th: 49er Festival and Chili Cookoff at Mary Laveroni Community Park
  • September 27th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • October 4th: Pine Mountain Lake Airport Day
  • October 18th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • October 31st: Groveland Ghosts and Goblins Halloween  at Groveland Community Hall and all up and down Groveland Main Street
  • November 1st: PMLAA Potluck Dinner and Meeting
  • November 11th: Veterans Day
  • November 15th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • November 27th: Thanksgiving Day
  • December 6th: Santa Comes to Town at Groveland Community Hall
  • December 6th: PMLAA Holiday Event
  • December 20th: Historical Aircraft Display
  • December 25th: Christmas Day

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The PMLAA webstore is now live at

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The PML Aero Club now has a website:

Noise Sensitive Area

Craig L. Pedro, Tuolumne County Administrator, in his letter dated November 13, 2009 reminds all the pilots about the noise sensitive areas near Pine Mountain Lake and Columbia airport. Please familiarize yourself with this areas

and also with:

Weather @ E45

 Hello, today is Thursday, April 17th, 2014.

Courtesy of Eric Henderson
This weather station is located off-airport and
should not be used for flight planning and navigational purpose.


Morning Twilight:
05:52 AM PDT
Sunrise: 06:19 AM PDT
Sunset: 07:40 PM PDT
Evening Twilight:
08:07 PM PDT



Columbia (O22) AWOS online

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PMLAA Webcam

Courtesy of Kirk Wallace

This is a camera-2 view of Pine Mountain Lake Airport looking towards the South-West at the end of runway 9.

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More Webcams by clicking here

The Camera is a Kodak DC3400 in a weather-proof housing mounted to a mast on the roof. The camera is pointing South-West with the end of runway 9 in the center.

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